WATEROAM : WATEROAM - Portable water filters for emergencies and rural development


We are distributors for Japan's most reliable & most experienced manufacturers with more than 30 years of R&D experience and know-how, and the technologies of a leading electrical and electronic manufacturer. Our photovoltaic modules offers High Efficiency, High Reliability, High Safety and also ensure that our eco-friendly photovoltaic power generation systems will continually protect the environment.


High Reliability - up to 25 years warranty

High Safety - one of the best global safety records


Our solar module product line spans a range from 40 to 650 watts. All modules are designed and manufactured to meet international safety and performance certifications. The modules feature heavy duty anodized frames to give strength and convenient mounting access and weather-resistant junction boxes for easy and safe field interconnection.

These systems can be delivered as either fully integrated for ground mounting or installed on a rooftop or stand-alone structure. Typical application includes telecommunications, oil and gas industry, railway safety and management systems, village electrification, remote home power generation, residential and agriculture water pumping and utility grid support systems for homes and commercial facilities.

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