Company Profile

Sunera Distribution Pte. Ltd. is a Distributor & System Integrator company, where the core business is Solar Photovoltaic, Electrical & Electronics and Telecommunication that primarily designs, develops, manufactures and markets photovoltaic (PV) modules, electrical & electronics , communication and Integrated Manufacturing Systems for the growing international PV marketplace.

Located in Singapore, Sunera is a privately owned company that has been at the forefront of research, development and commercialization of a wide range of PV technologies since 1995 when it was founded by pioneers in the solar industry.

Sunera operates in high growth segments of the advanced power electronics market, with well-established products and systems sold to a diverse customer base in the Distributed, Mobile and Programmable power markets.

Our company’s growth is fuelled by the increasing demand for advanced power electronic products, which is driven by:

  • Societies' dependence on electronic devices

  • Concern over the supply of quality, reliable power

  • Need for independence from traditional power sources

  • Increasing interest in renewable energy and distributed power

We have a team of highly experienced engineers, technicians, sales support and shipping personnel in the solar industry, as well as the best-stocked warehouse. We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, superior products and unmatched value.

Sunera offers a competitive solar energy service with extensive experience in Solar Grid, Solar Hybrid Systems, Solar Home Systems (SHS), Solar Pumping Systems (SWP), electrification for schools, solar backup systems in rural offices, solar vaccine storage systems, solar street lighting and solar power systems for operating Telecommunication equipment.

Sunera turns solar ideas into reality. With the experience of one of the largest systems integration and installation companies in Asia, Sunera is your prime partner for turnkey solar power solutions – no matter where your system is to be installed. From project development to full operation and maintenance, we offer a comprehensive and innovative portfolio for PV systems from medium-size up to MW scale power stations. Maximum yield, high quality and customized services are key factors of Sunera's delivery to our clients.

To Reach Us   =   Telephone: (65) 6849 5448   Fax: (65) 6849 5469  Email: sunera@singnet.com.sg
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